“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”
-John Wayne

THINK’s latest Limited Edition is a tribute to legendary film icon, John Wayne. John Wayne starred in over 140 feature films and was regarded as a symbol of ‘Old West Americana’. The fine resin barrel is made up of alternating bands in Western palette colors of sand, dark brown, red, rust and orange. The clip is modeled after the River Waves of the Red River D brand (from the 1948 film “Red River”). Monument Valley buttes rise atop the band which features John Wayne’s signature.

Each pen comes in a black lacquer Jimi Hendrix Experience box. This is a collectible that is too groovy to miss.

Accents are silver vermeil. Limited Edition 867 Fountain Pens (Medium nib only) and 867 Rollerballs.

ITEM # : KT7110 RB BLK

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